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We are Rental Generator Providers in Chennai. We Offer Diesel Generators on Rentals from 15kVA to 2000kVA. We Provide Generators on Monthly Rentals, Generators on Yearly Rentals. We Provide Diesel Generators on Hiring for Industries, Residences, Commercial Complexes & for all types of Market Segments. Hire a Generators near you at the lowest price now.

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Trolley Mounted Generators

We Offer Trolley Mounted Diesel Generators on rentals from 15kVA to 125kVA

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Vehicle Mounted Generators

We Offer Vehicle Mounted Diesel Generators on rentals from 15kVA to 1500kVA

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Skid Mounted Generators

We Offer Skid Mounted Diesel Generators on rentals from 2kVA to 1500kVA


With our range of Products from 15kVA to 1010kVA, we are providing cost effective Power Back Up Solutions by providing Generators on rentals for industrial Applications. Let it be any range of generators for rentals, we shall provide immediate supply of gensets on rentals for commercial requirements. If your need is for Office purpose, we have solutions from 15kVA to 500kVA Generators on Wheels. We Provide all type of Power backup solutions with our best in class diesel generators. Yes Our Diesel Generators are more fuel efficient, Compact in size & most advanced generators. Generators on Hiring in Chennai. Best Price in Chennai. Looking for “Generators on Hiring in Chennai?“ We Offer “Diesel Generators on Monthly Hiring Charges in Chennai” with Lowest & Best Price in Chennai. We Offer All type of “Diesel Genset on rentals in Chennai“. We provide Generators on hiring for Office, Industries, Complex & Marriage Hall. Generator on Rental in Chennai

Looking for “Generators on Rental in Chennai?” We offer “Diesel Generators on Monthly rental” at lowest cost. We offer Generator on Monthly Hiring with Lowest Price in Market. We Offer “Generator on rentals from 15kVA to 1010kVA”.Our company is well known for providing Generator Rental service to the clients.

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